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January 2018


SD-WAN takes the benefits of software-defined networking technology and applies them to traditionally hardware-based networking, thus centralising the management of networks and making it easier to manage. The SD-WAN market is undoubtedly growing, with a projected value of $1.3 billion and a market share of 25% anticipated in the next couple of years.

Beware The Threat Of Ransomware

Have you ever been working as normal on your computer and then been interrupted by an unexplained, full-screen message demanding payment of a specified sum within a specified time limit? If this scary situation seems familiar, you’ve most likely been the target of a ransomware attack.

This infographic outlines how ransomware works, who are the most common victims and how to protect against a ransomware attack. Sometimes, even paying the demanded sum of money won’t put an end to the problem…

Public Wi-Fi Growth In Europe

Public Wi-Fi has grown so rapidly across Europe that we almost take it as a given at cafés, restaurants, museums and other public places nowadays. In 2013, there were 16.8 million public Wi-Fi spots in Europe. By the end of next year, that figure is projected to surpass 108 million. This infographic charts the recent growth in European public Wi-Fi and details initiatives which are expected to be rolled out over the next few years which will further enhance the continent’s connectivity.

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How Will The 2018 GDPR Changes Work

In May 2018, a number of EU member states will adopt new data privacy legislation known as the General Data Protection Regulation, which intends to update and streamline data privacy laws across the EU. The changes will ensure a greater deal of accountability for protecting people’s personal data in a workplace and sets out a rigid set of guidelines to be followed, with any breaches punishable by substantial fines. Read more about the upcoming GDPR changes and how business can adapt to these in the infographic below.