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June 2023

Customer Success: Daughters of Charity

The Challenge

Daughters of Charity Child and Family Services (DoCCFS) had a Wide Area Network (WAN) that was no longer fit for purpose. The user experience at their 17 remote offices when using their newly implemented cloud applications was not sufficient due to connectivity and network outages. In addition, DoCCFS wanted to provide users with the latest WiFi technology to further enhance user access and flexibility.

The Solution

Paradyn designed and implemented a robust and high-speed Managed WiFi and Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), for DoCCFS to deliver greater connectivity across all their remote office locations. The new network leverages Cisco Meraki enterprise technology and is delivered via a cloud platform. In addition, it will strengthen their security, mitigating the risk of cyber-attacks and delivering more visibility across the network and devices. The solution does not require configuration backups by third parties and gives more control to the IT team who will be able to implement changes to the network remotely.


By implementing this solution DoCCFS have enabled greater accessibility, productivity, and provided a unified solution that delivers extensive insights across all connected devices. With this implementation, DoCCFS can now enjoy the benefits of a highly connected communications infrastructure which delivers greater capabilities to their users and a higher return on investment.

“We were absolutely delighted by the support we received by Paradyn at all stages of this project. It was a seamless transition to our new provider and has enabled us to ensure that our services across 17 different sites operate in a more streamlined and efficient way, so we can deliver the best services for the children and families that we serve.” – Dr. Tracey A Monson, CEO

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Improve your business security with a managed SOC

In today’s fast-paced digital world, security is one of the most critical concerns for businesses of all sizes. Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent, and even small businesses are not immune to these attacks. That’s where Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) comes in.

A Managed SOC is a service offered by a third-party provider that monitors a company’s network infrastructure, endpoints, and applications, 24/7, to detect and respond to security incidents. Here are some ways a Managed SOC can improve security for any business.

1. Constant monitoring
Managed SOC services provide continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure, detecting threats as they emerge. By monitoring your systems 24/7, SOC analysts can identify and respond to threats in real-time. This means that any potential attack or breach can be addressed before it can cause significant damage to your business.

2. Threat intelligence
Managed SOC services provide businesses with up-to-date threat intelligence. The security analysts constantly monitor the latest threats, trends, and techniques used by cybercriminals, keeping your organisation informed of potential threats and their potential impact.

3. Expert analysis
Managed SOC services provide businesses with access to highly trained security analysts. These analysts are experienced in detecting and responding to threats and can quickly analyse security incidents to determine their severity and the appropriate response.

4. Rapid incident response
Managed SOC services can respond to security incidents quickly and efficiently. With real-time monitoring and expert analysis, the SOC can quickly identify and contain the threat before it can spread throughout your network. This can significantly reduce the potential impact of a security incident and minimize downtime.

5. Compliance
Managed SOC services can help your business meet compliance requirements. SOC services can provide the necessary reports and documentation to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

6. Cost-effective
Managed SOC services can be a cost-effective way to improve your organisation’s security posture. Instead of investing in expensive hardware and software, you can outsource your security operations to a third-party provider. This can save your business time and money while ensuring that your systems are secure.

In conclusion, a Managed SOC is an essential service that can significantly improve the security of any business. With 24/7 monitoring, expert analysis, rapid incident response, and up-to-date threat intelligence, businesses can be confident that their IT infrastructure is protected from the latest cyber threats. Moreover, SOC services can help your business meet compliance requirements and be a cost-effective solution to improve your overall security posture.


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