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Quick facts about the rebrand


We are Paradyn

  1. Exigent Networks, Irish Telecom & Netforce are now Paradyn.
  2. Our new name is a combination of Paradigm and Dynamic and the name reflects those we work with and also our dedication to providing exceptional customer service.
Paradigm Dynamic
Outstandingly clear concepts or thought patterns that constitute legitimate contributions to a field Positive energetic & effective action


  1. Our Name, colours and Logo have changed, apart from that we’re still the same people that you have always known and loved!
  2. Our dedication to our clients has remained unchanged and they are still at the core of everything we do.

Why the rebrand?

Exigent Networks was founded in May 2007 by Cillian McCarthy, Paul Casey and Rob Norton who all had previous experience in the technology industry. With Exigent Networks already established as a leader in the field of Wireless Networking, just three years later in 2010 Irish Telecom was founded by the same Directors. Irish Telecom became rapidly recognised as a National provider of high quality wireless and fibre broadband. With both companies growing and developing from strength to strength in 2016 an opportunity arose to acquire Netforce. Netforce had made a name in the Irish market by providing sensible, sustainable IT services, solutions and support to SMEs. Since 2000, the company has been an early adopter of innovative solutions. The next natural step in this progress was a rebrand uniting all three successful companies into one End–to–End full ICT provider.

What will change?

While our Name, Logo and Website may be changing, our commitment to our customers continues to be our highest priority and there are a number of things that we want to assure you will remain unchanged:

  • You will continue to work with the same people you have in the past. All of our team members are being retained in their current roles.
  • The structure of the company as well as current management, contracts and service agreements will not be altered.
  • All the services we have provided you previously will continue to be offered by Paradyn.
  • For our clients our existing contracts, VAT number and systems will remain in place.

What will it mean for our customers?

It means that our highly experienced team can build, monitor and maintain every aspect of your ICT infrastructure, delivering all this as a single trusted partner. Paradyn’s consolidated portfolio of services now covers Infrastructure, Connectivity, MSP and Security. You will have access to additional expertise and resources, ensuring that you get the best possible return on your technology investment.

We provide an all-encompassing end to end service at scale which in turn allows our customers to scale too.

We are individual, We are confident, We are Paradyn.

We hope that our rebrand provides you with a clear understanding of our company and our expanded services & expertise portfolio. We are excited to work together as Paradyn and we look forward to partnering with you!

If you have any questions on our rebrand, please contact us on and we would be happy to answer these.