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Cisco Umbrella

Paradyn is pleased to propose Cisco Umbrella, a cloud-delivered security platform that secures internet access and controls cloud application usage across networks, branch offices, and roaming users. As a leading provider of security and recursive domain name system (DNS) services, Cisco’s success has been built on helping businesses of all sizes, across all industries, connect to the internet with confidence on any device. The company has built a reputation on easy deployment and powerful protection anywhere users access the internet.

Cisco is uniquely positioned to help networking customers transition to software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) to effectively manage the expansion of remote offices, roaming users, and direct-to-internet access—and to ensure security remains top of mind.

The networking and security landscape changes described above are driving the Cisco security strategy. The company has added new features to the proposed Umbrella solution beyond DNS-layer security and deep threat intelligence. Secure web gateway (SWG), cloud-delivered firewall, and cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality, plus integration with Cisco SD-WAN, also available through Paradyn, help organisations face this new set of security challenges.

The Umbrella Advantage

Unlike disparate security tools, the Cisco Umbrella has multiple security services integrated into a single cloud service. It acts as a secure onramp to the internet, delivers deep inspection and control to support compliance, and provides the most effective protection against threats for users anywhere they connect.

  • Single User Interface

    Umbrella covers a broad set of security functions that until now required separate SWG, firewall, DNS-layer security, CASB, and threat intelligence solutions. Enabling these from a single unified service and user interface significantly reduces the time, money, and resources required for deployment, configuration, and management tasks. End users gain better performance and administrators can enforce a common set of security policies, no matter where their users go. Cloud delivery eliminates lengthy hardware installations and manual software updates.


  • Threat Intelligence

    Backed by the strength of Cisco Talos, Umbrella not only provides effective protection but also offers you unprecedented access to all that intelligence. Cisco Umbrella Investigate provides the most complete view of the relationships and evolution of internet domains, IP addresses and malware — helping to pinpoint attackers’ infrastructures and predict future threats. No other vendor offers this level of correlated threat data in one easy-to-use console to accelerate investigations and enable threat hunters.


  • Unbeatable performance and reliability

    Umbrella provides fast and secure internet access across network devices, branches, and roaming users. The proposed solution’s DNS-layer security uses Anycast routing. Every data center announces the same IP address, so requests are transparently sent to the fastest available route with automated failover. Over 1000 peering partnerships with ISPs and content delivery networks (CDNs) provide shortcuts between networks, which resolves requests faster and boosts internet speed.