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Cloud Access & Connectivity Services

Our secure, private cloud connectivity service enables you to connect readily with your cloud provider. Cloud access effectively extends your WAN into the virtual network through our private, secure network and we can also manage routing of your cloud access directly to your WAN.

Secure, reliable cloud access & connectivity from Paradyn

Our secure and reliable cloud access will reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput and deliver a consistently high level of performance. With cloud connectivity from Paradyn, you will have a dedicated network connection from your premises to third party cloud providers. Our cloud connectivity solutions are fully redundant by design, so you won’t need to concern yourself with expensive extras to get the reliability that your business needs. Also, our dedicated private cloud connectivity bypasses public Internet, providing clear access and consistently low latency.

Features of our cloud connect service

  • Connect with multiple cloud providers
  • Dedicated low latency
  • Select from a range of bandwidths up to 10GB so you can get the ideal provision for your business
  • Scalable capacity
  • Efficient, reliable service backed by stringent service level agreements
  • Easy operation with no interruption to connectivity with your cloud provider
  • Provision of a safe route for online traffic.


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