IP Phone Systems & IP Telephony Services

IP phone and telephony from Paradyn provides secure, reliable and scalable voice solutions. With our unified communications, you can collaborate more efficiently with staff and clients, while our hosted telephony solutions offer advanced, cutting-edge business solutions over traditional phone systems.


Features of our IP phone systems


  • Our call rates are highly competitive and you can buy minutes in bulk or in pay-as-you-go packages.
  • Our IP phone system provides reliable, high-quality communication over traditional phone systems at a low cost.
  • Whether setting up at your existing location or at a greenfield site, it is very easy to extend your IP telephony if required.
  • We provide secure and scalable solutions over enterprise WAN and LAN.


We provide unified communications and hosted IP telephony


Voice over IP has really come of age. The quality and reliability of voice services over high-speed data networks today is a significant step up from traditional PABX systems. IP phone solutions offer advanced business solutions over traditional phone systems at a reduced cost, as an IP phone system uses existing data network and Infrastructure.

At Paradyn, we have extensive experience of delivering unified communications over data networks that complement and enhance your existing telephone services. IP telephone systems are the natural choice to both expand and enhance voice communications at your existing locations, or when setting up voice communications at a greenfield site.

Our IP telephony solutions can cater for everything from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to global corporations. Our powerful, flexible core telephony infrastructure and our comprehensive range of IP phones provide a secure, reliable and scalable voice solution over your enterprise LAN and WAN.

Whichever telephony option you choose, we can get you collaborating more efficiently with employees, suppliers, customers and business partners.