WAN Network Solutions & Service Providers

Connect users and locations with our managed WAN services. The perfect-fit service tier, our managed WAN network supports public Internet, private IP and third-party connectivity, plus apps and services.
Paradyn provides a cost-effective managed WAN service which enables businesses to connect to the Internet or multiple locations via a secure, high-performance network for a very affordable price.

Why choose Paradyn as your WAN services provider?

Resilience: Our managed WAN service is resilient in its design with a wide spread of aggregation points and firewalls and a low-latency backhaul network. We are committed to providing you with high-performing network infrastructure that’s always available when you need it.

Scalability: We know that your business needs will change over time, so our managed WAN will change accordingly. Our WAN network can be used for the optimisation of one site or the smooth interconnectivity of numerous branches.

Dedication: We have the expertise and the desire to proactively help with any problems you may encounter with your WAN infrastructure, working quickly and thoroughly to resolve any issue.


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